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NOX AT 10 luxury gold L.5 by Agustin Tapia

Discover one of the two weapons designed for the new pearl of Argentine padel, Agustín Tapia. With the AT10 Gold, in your hands you will have the precision and control of a racket with a very large sweet spot and an inverted “V” bridge, and the striking and power provided by the HR3 rubber and the meticulous weight distribution on the racket.

he AT10 Luxury Gold awarded with the Gold Medal by the prestigious french magazine Tennis Addict, specialized in tennis and padel.

Unlike other brands, our players play using unmodified rackets from the collection. Experience the same sensations on court as Agustín Tapia using this racket with a spectacular design, in gold colours and with skyblue details, an allusion to the Argentine followers of Agus and NOX.

Includes a cover and a transparent protector to protect the racket from knocks and scrapes to the frame.

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